*Reminder* most of our bodies produce insulin, for diab by @peopleforbernie - GotInsta

*Reminder* most of our bodies produce insulin, for diabetics they need this drug, which costs them more than rent.

Published date 02/11/2019
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@teasedrevolvers yea that’s crazy i can’t lie lol


You guys should cross out the rx number and the store number... it’s still considered personal info... I’m a pharm tech... HIPPA


@ssj4thetis you can go on believing that cheaper works just as well. Instead of discounting something before you know anything about what it may be able to do for you as it’s done for thousands, maybe ask me how it might be helpful to you and you cat. It’s a medical grade ionizing machine used in Japanese Hospitals. It’s for everyone not just the rich. We all need to drink water but the right kind of water is key. I’d be glad to answer any questions you have.


Money hungry pharmaceutical companies 👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡


There are much cheaper insulin products than humalog with the same efficacy, but the average American doesn't have the information needed to advocate for themselves, and the burden should not be on the individual to figure out how best to play the system, the system should be set up in a way that allows the average American to navigate it successfully! These inflation numbers are largely due to Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers raising average wholesale price to make up costs when brand drugs go generic (and a host of other things, but I'm gona stop before this gets too complicated!)


@notanillegalaccount yeah I consult for employers on pharmacy coverage and such and just made a whole comment about this before seeing yours! There are insulin products with the same efficacy that are much cheaper, but PBMs (in some ways like insurers for drugs for employers) generally only cover 1 brand drug (usually that they've negotiated a good rebate for). For non FTE people, they can be stuck paying a rate that reflects this without a discount given to employers. They also may not know there's an alternative that could save them 770 because no one has told them slash drug prices are very well concealed in this country!


@milletmangler problem is many Americans get prescriptions through their employers benefit, and the employer only contracts with a singular Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager (the actual entities that control drug prices, not the pharmacies)


@curlykaley there are 3 giant players here - CVS Carenark, Express Scripts, and Optum that control too much and aren't exposed to true free market competition


That’s terrible


@curlykaley I just read today where 43% of all the new generic drugs approved by the FDA in the past couple of years are not available to American citizens! That is quite simply because our representatives are bought and paid for by big Pharma.


People are dying because they're trying to ration insulin


My gut just twisted oh my god this is reality


@prometheus_hc to understand healthcare in america, you don't need economics courses. You need corruption and unregulated, predatory capitalism courses.


This so sad and it should be illegal!!


@milletmangler people who need it to survive can't just boycott insulin until the companies lower the prices. Those people will die before the companies would even notice


https://www.medindia.net/drug-price/insulin-lispro/humalog-10ml.htm. It'll be around 5.8$ in India


I work in a retail pharmacy. I REFUSE to let my patients pay outrageous amounts for life saving medications. There are programs and savings cards that assist with copay costs. However, the regular population are not aware of these benefits. It’s disgusting and appalling. There MUST be an overhaul and change to our health insurance


@set1one it does and has for years in 🇨🇦 most of the needed prescriptions are at no cost for those under 21 years old and seniors. For those who do have to pay this drug its about $35 cdn on average and then almost everyone has work benefits that covers that cost. 🤷🏽‍♀️ If the govt wants to it can.


This is why people work for minimum wage, so they get approved for Medicaid..... but yet people shame them.


I support universal health insurance


Monetary Rape


@east0fethan well then I guess it's a good thing I didn't say boycott I said we need competition


@sarai_lezcano if there was Medicare for all it would no longer be Medicare and everyone who paid into Medicare would be screwed.


@joycecator not really bc they would still have the healthcare they need


It's criminal




That’s sad! America,aye?


I worked in a pharmacy 20 years ago-insulin was affordable. This is deadly. This is robbery.


@gardengnomearmy depends on where you live.


You mean Obamacare SUCKS! Really! But you voted for it! 😳


@sarai_lezcano okay but that’s not how Medicare is now and that was my point so.


Where are y’all living where you pay that little rent? To get a decent place where I live you need at least 1200 for a one bedroom


@instafran_sdandbea sometimes they don’t


stop eating meat and dairy 🙌🏼


@winagazaille why don’t you ask a Veteran how well the VA runs. That is government healthcare. Waiting lists and veterans dying because they aren’t seen in time that’s just the beginning of their problems. You will not be paying less in taxes than insurance. Competition of the industry is what drives cost down which thanks to Obamacare and regulations we have less of hence, the cause of part of our problems. I don’t want the government in charge of any more of my money (they can’t spend the trillions that they already get right) much less my healthcare and deciding for me what treatments I can or can not have. Why do you think more government control of our lives is better ?